Tigran Avakian Photography

We accept Paypal. All questions are welcome to contact us. For each order, we will contact you personally by email with an estimate of the shipping date, and other shipping details. If you don't get an email from us, this means that we are travelling and have not yet seen your order.

Delivery. All prints are made to order, one at a time. When the photographer is not traveling, delivery takes about two weeks for the smaller prints, and up to three weeks for the larger prints since those often require custom drum scanning. Please inquire if you have specific needs. Express orders are possible.

Other options. Other sizes, up to 48 by 96 inches, are available by special order. We can also print any image in Black and White, as well as print on fine art materials such as watercolor paper or canvas, or on super-glossy polyester-based papers.

Notes on the prints

Quality. These museum-grade prints on archival paper, made with state-of-the-art techniques are widely recognized to be the finest available today. They exhibit superior sharpness and color, and are expected to last sixty years on display before any noticeable fading occurs. Due to operating system and screen differences, and sometimes more elaborate image preparation done prior to printing, there might be color and lightness variations between the image you saw on the web and the print.We individually inspect each print and are confident that you will be pleased with the quality.

All Sales Are Final

Inscriptions by hand in the border. The image will have a border around it (1/2 to 1 inch wide depending on print size) so that the image size will be slightly smaller than the listed print size. All prints are individually captioned with the location and date, and signed by hand in the border. You can matte the print with or without the inscriptions, since they are not in the image area. Personalized inscriptions are possible.

Limited editions. Unless marked [open edition] (this is rare), all of the prints are limited edition. In some cases, Extremely Limited. A limited edition is a series of prints issued in a fixed number, in which each print is numbered. For instance, for 11x14 prints, the numbering that will be inscribed by hand is 1/100, 2/100, etc.. until the print 100/100 is reached, after which no more print will ever be made in that size. Our low number of prints guarantees that your investment is collectible and will increase in value.

For any inquries please contact 818-281-4974
or email order@tigranavakian.com