Tigran Avakian Photography
Tigran Avakian

Tigran Avakian lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, he became interested in photography when he was just fifteen years old. Much of his teenage years were spent in forests, marshes, and mountain ridges photographing wildlife. As he matured, Tigran expanded his artistic vision through travel and fine art, thus starting his career in photography.

It wasn?t long before Tigran?s work caught the eye of magazine editors and his photograph was featured on the cover of a prominent travel magazine in Moscow. He has traveled the world taking pictures since then. His portfolio includes images of peaceful Canals in Venice, bustling streets of Jerusalem, snow-capped Alps in France and breathtaking scenery from numerous National Parks of America?s West. Tigran is just as much at home covering the mesmerizing performance by the Russian Bolshoi Ballet, as well as adrenaline soaked action of ESPN X-Games. His work often followed by his well-written articles has been published in numerous news papers and magazines. Credits include such titles as "Los Angeles Times", ?Around the World?, ?OM?, ?Vertical World? and ?The North Face Catalogue?.

Tigran?s artistic inspiration is fueled by his ongoing quest for Beauty. Beauty in it?s natural form as well as in human creations. He strives to share with others the resulting emotion, perceived through his mind, heart and soul.